Julie Bender

The Western natural world is Julie Bender’s source of continued inspiration, one in which her passion for pyrography is matched by her accurate and artful portrayal of animal and human subjects. Her keen sense of detail and realism sets her work apart from those of most pyrographic art.

Pyrography involves applying heat to a surface using various tools that results in a highly detailed sepia-toned work of art. Julie likens pyrography to “painting with heat.”

Self-taught in this difficult medium, Bender enjoys the challenge of burning on heavyweight watercolor paper and embellishing her work with acrylic paint.

Her works are exclusively based on personal observations of wild animals native to the Rocky Mountain region, as well as ranch life, rodeos, hunting scenes, and of course, domestic animals. Natural habitat plays as important of a role in telling her artistic story as the animals she lovingly portrays. She continuously explores new techniques and tools to exploit her medium and continues to discover ways in which to evolve her artistic style. 

An award-winning artist, her work is juried into internationally renowned shows and exhibitions. It has been purchased by museums and is privately and publicly collected throughout the world. She works feverishly and remains a proud advocate of having pyrography take its rightful place in the completive field of fine art. Bender shares her knowledge of pyrography by offering workshops.

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