Curt Gillespie

Curt Gillespie strives to portray the grace of nature in his watercolor and oil paintings. A native of Colorado, Curt creates representational paintings of nature’s landscapes and architecture.

Design, color and light – these are the attractions that compel Curt to his easel. He likes watercolor for its flow and luminosity, pastels for their immediacy and oils for their depth.

“Art has always been the mainstay of my life,” Curt says. “I love the outdoors, and that’s mostly what I paint. I hope to attain in my paintings the aesthetic value felt in the warm hues of dawn or the freshness of a spring flower.

“My scientific and architectural backgrounds were detailed in nature, and that detail is conveyed in my art. As a chemist, I built molecules. In architecture, I built structures. That’s also the way I paint. I move from a foundation design to broad washes of color to carefully refined passages while building the painting.”

"I will never stop learning about the fine art of painting – to do so would be a compromise. I continually seek to explore new subjects and new ways to increase the impact of my artwork."

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