The Future of Agriculture Lies in the Hands of Landowners

To our chagrin, the drought continues in many areas of Colorado. This is very bad news. Drought affects us all, but most impacted are agricultural producers, our farmers and ranchers who depend on rain and snow for their livelihoods, home, and culture. Let us not forget: these folks grow the food we eat.

On average, each farmer and rancher in Colorado feeds well over 100 people per year and is part of an agricultural industry that generates over $5 Billion statewide. But it keeps getting tougher. Colorado continues to lose tens of thousands of productive acres each year while adding a similar number of hungry mouths. Families, including our ranchers, are being crunched by rising expenses and an unforgiving market, only made worse by the drought.

The future of agriculture in our region lies in the hands of landowners. The responsibility lies with senior water rights owners and their decisions regarding the destiny of that water. San Isabel Land Protection Trust empowers landowners to dedicate their water rights for agriculture, forever. The conservation easement is the only tool commonly used to guarantee that water stays in agricultural use. We can provide funding for conservation easements that is a competitive alternative to selling off land and water. And we are prepared to stand behind these agreements.

By protecting productive, scenic ranches and keeping water in Colorado, San Isabel Land Protection Trust protects our quality of life and helps ensure we will have a secure food source for the future of our country.


We have protected more than 42,000 acres through 134 conservation easements.

Conservation easements guarantee long-term protection – through generations of landowners.