A Day on the Land in Garden Park

Recently, San Isabel landowners and members joined Curt and Peggy Sorenson at their Garden Park property in northern Fremont County to hear their story of a very successful public-private collaboration for forest restoration.

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Participants observed and learned how private landowners worked together with public agencies to restore piñon-juniper woodland for wild fire mitigation, vegetation and soil health, erosion control and wildlife habitat enhancement in this ruggedly beautiful corridor north of Cañon City.

Walking the land together, guests compared sections of forest treated with historic chaining and newer hydro-ax and hand-thinning techniques, demonstrating what is possible in forest restoration and cooperative stewardship. 

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The Sorensons answered questions, shared resources, and told the story of their community’s work to define the scope of the project, how they leveraged funding and support and the process they took to measure outcomes for wildlife, vegetation, soil health, and fire protection. 

The Sorenson property visit is part of San Isabel’s new landowner stewardship services program. Believing that private landowners are the best stewards of their land, our stewardship services program offers education, restoration project site visits, facilitation of resources such as assistance with accessing funding, project planning and consultation and more.

To learn more about San Isabel’s stewardship services program, please contact Kate Spinelli, Stewardship Specialist with San Isabel.




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